BT Sports

Come in on a lunchtime and enjoy Sky Sports for FREE!

We are just as bigger Sports fans as you are and have live sports playing throughout most afternoons.

So whether your looking for; Rugby, Football, Golf or Athletics, we will cater to what your looking for and on our plus size 80" full HD screens, you all not be disappointed.

X Games

Do you Skateboard? BMX? Inline?

Is it raining? Then look no further. 

Even though we love our football, it doesn't mean we aren't accustom to shredding the skatepark from time to time.


So if its raining and the parks all slippy, come in, get warm and enjoy an all in X Games experience right here in Bierkeller.

Pay Per View

Don't want to miss out on the most talked about match of the year?

Don't worry, we have you covered. Come and enjoy your favourite sport on our full HD 80" screens which will make you feel like your actually in the stadium. 

To find out more on what we have available, please